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About Us

Circle H Construction was established in 1980 by Marion “Butch” Hall. The company worked in the outside plant placement of the communications industry and support to local city and county agencies with road and concrete work. Over the last ten years, the company has grown to employ more than 40 professionals in the design and build of fiber optic systems for various large and small carriers. We have designed and built hundreds of miles of fiber involving cell towers, public schools, city and county agencies, point to point long haul fiber with a multitude of projects ranging in size from very small to over 40 miles in length. We are equipped and staffed for aerial as well as underground applications.

We have an experienced OSP engineering staff of four, safety staff, as well as aerial and underground construction crews that are detail oriented. Our directional drill operators, equipment operators, linemen and laborers have years of experience and all equally comfortable in urban or rural conditions.

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Our Projects

  • 72 miles of fiber to home, Halfway OR – underground

  • Fiber to the home (500) Prairie City OR – underground

  • 27 miles of mainline fiber, Kaycee WY – underground

  • 20 miles of fiber to home, Fruitland ID – underground

  • 30 miles of mainline fiber, Salem OR – aerial/underground

  • 89 miles of engineering and design, Bend OR – aerial/underground

  • 70 cell tower laterals, Bend OR – aerial/underground

  • 60 miles total fiber mainline various companies, Pendleton OR – aerial/underground

  • 50 miles of fiber mainline and fiber to home, Williston ND – underground

  • 39 schools fiber mainline, Nampa ID – aerial/underground

  • 47 schools fiber mainline, Meridian ID – aerial/underground

  • 22 miles fiber mainline fire damage repair and replace, Brewster WA – aerial

  • 39 miles design mainline fiber, Yakima WA – aerial/underground

  • 46 miles FTTH Rio Blanco County, Rangley and Meeker CO – underground